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"I honestly thought they were all gay" - Henry Lau

On March 1st, Super Junior-M’s Henry guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and shared some hilarious stories about his first impressions of the Super Junior members.

When asked by the MCs to describe the experience, Henry replied, “Korean men easily put their arms around each other’s shoulders, as well as give light touches, but to foreigners, actions like that can be mistaken as gay.”

Henry revealed that when he first met the members, they greeted him by lightly hitting his butt. “I honestly thought they were all gay. I misunderstood Leeteuk, since he was the one who slapped my butt the most.”

But what surprised Henry the most was his encounter with the “Space Big Star”, Kim Hee Chul “His hair was long, like a girl’s, and he was so pretty, so I thought he was a transgender at first.”

Hilariously, Henry wasn’t alone when it came down to culture shock; Eunhyuk revealed that he was equally shocked when Henry began calling SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man, ‘Mr. Lee’.

Henry clarified, “I didn’t know who he was at first, and someone told me that he was SM’s boss. I just greeted him by saying, ‘Hey, Mr. Lee.’ I told him that I’d contact him if he gave me his business card.”

Eunhyuk added, “Henry still calls him ‘Mr. Lee.’” When asked how Lee Soo Man responded, Eunhyuk replied, “He accepts it since we’re all friends.”

Source: TV Report via Nate

I spat PB&J all over my screen when I read this. No joke
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